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jack-file by Dan A. Muresan

Jack transport-centric utilities for audio playback

Jack-File contains two utilities for Jack transport-bound playback:

file2jack is an audio player that maps files onto the (optionally periodic) transport timeline. The player achieves periodicty (looping) without moving the transport (and thus without gaps): the looped segments are simply mapped to transport time-points. A picture is worth 10^n words:

|*****| FILE A | FILE B |******| FILE C | FILE C | FILE C | ...
      |        |        |      |        |        |        |
     10s      20s      30s    40s      50s      60s      70s

file2jack --at 10 -i A.flac --at 20 -i B.flac --at 40 -i C.flac --loop 40

In the example above (which assumes files A, B, C are all 10s long) the user has requested 10s of silence, then FILE A at 10s, then FILE B at 20s, then after 10 more seconds of silence, FILE C repeated periodically from 40s to infinity evert 10s.

jacktransportloop is a simpler way to loop other transport-aware players: it forces the Jack transport to loop between two time-points. When the transport reaches the loop endpoint, it is forced back to the starting point. This will loop any transport-aware player, but compared to file2jack it will create playback a gap at the end of the loop.

See README.txt in the distribution for more information.


Apache License, Version 2.0


Dan A. Muresan (danmbox at gmail dot com)


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